DENVER -- American Right to Life and the Coalition of Color for Life are pleased to announce the restoration of Karen Malec's comprehensive and incomparable body of research establishing the known, but long denied, correlation between abortion and a greatly increased risk of breast cancer in women.

Karen's untimely passing in 2015 has meant her lifetime of dedication to keeping women informed about the medical risks of abortion has, sadly, been unavailable for the past five years.

Medical researcher, Eve Silver, of the Coalition of Color for Life and Leslie Hanks of American Right to Life were resolute in working to assure that Karen's invaluable efforts be restored -- in the public interest.

According to Eve Silver, "Karen Malec's research work is a fundamental knowledge bank as global attention continues to come into focus regarding the Abortion Breast Cancer link, as well as the ever growing number of studies supporting the increased breast cancer risks of oral contraceptives. Further, Black women have the highest genetic breast cancer risks: including, regardless of age or weight, a poorer prognosis from highly aggressive Triple Negative breast Cancer." Karen's persistence in helping women understand how the medical establishment deceived women for decades, by denying the health risks of aborting their children, was a significant contribution, which can no longer be overlooked.

Eve Silver and Leslie Hanks are adamant that Karen's body of research be once again available for women everywhere to be able to consult intelligently with their physicians about their risks and their accurate medical histories, including induced abortion.

Because abortion kills a baby, it's always wrong, and not because of the ABC risk. Nevertheless, women deserve to have Karen's scientific studies available to share with their physicians, in order to make the most informed medical decisions, should abortion be a part of their medical history.

We are forever grateful to Colorado Right to Life, Denver Bible Church, Pastor Bob Enyart and our technical expert Joe Spears for their persistence in helping us achieve our passionate goal.

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