Law and Order Will Cause the South to Ascend to National Dominance - Florida Is a Great Example

SOUTHERN STATE LEGISLATURES should immediately pass strong resolutions supporting the police and back it up with legislation designed to train them to be the best, and give them the equipment they need to make their jobs safer and more effective.

Qualified immunity should be strengthened, and it should be made clear that it will always be there because we appreciate the hard job our police do every single day when they put their lives on the line to protect us.

The idiotic states that have been attacking the police the hardest with defund the police efforts and other ways to harass and hamstring the police are examples of a civilization in a death spiral. It's leaders are leftist ideologues who have lost their common sense if they ever had any. They are weak like the cowardly, feckless mayor of Portland, Oregon, Ted Wheeler.

 The blue states, themselves, will survive because of their rural populations where life is safe and happy but many of their cities will not. Their sanctuary status guarantees cover to criminals and gangs, and police departments get weaker and more hesitant to protect the public. Who can blame them.

Cultural death is apparent in many places. Who in his right mind would invest money in a business in downtown Kenosha, Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center, Portland, Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other places where the INEVITABLE next shooting will immediately put hundreds of violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters in the street, looting, rioting, committing assault and murder, setting buildings on fire. Woke leaders encourage it like they did last summer, Biden and Harris leading the way, and the vile news media will lie and make the police look guilty no matter how professional they have acted.

Citizens in those places are on their own, yet often those same liberal leaders have made it impossible to own a gun for protection. You are the bad guy in their minds, but criminals are OK because they vote Democrat and are oppressed by the white man, according to Critical Race Theory promoted by idiotic, racist, 100% liberal academia.

Woke liberal leaders in many blue state cities have done away with bail, so, a criminal can set a building on fire or commit an assault, get booked and be back out on the street to do it again before the ink is dry on the paper. That has happened over and over this past year.

There is a criminal element in every human society and always has been, but woke Democrats today are the first political party to empower them over law-biding citizens and working families.

The first obligation of any government is to protect its citizens from violence, murder, rape, theft and other crimes but Democrats protect criminals and vilify the law-biding and want to take their guns.

New York City Council this past March moved to get rid of qualified immunity, which protects police doing their jobs from being sued. NY City Council passed legislation that would allow individual citizens to sue police officers and departments. What person in his right mind would be a cop in New York where he could be set up by a criminal, sued before a liberal judge (are there any other kind in New York?), and end up bankrupt or in jail?

If woke white liberals would only realize the hellish world they are creating for their own children and grandchildren they might rethink some of their idiocy. But they think they are such good people, surely the mob will know this and their children will be exempt from rape and murder.

It reminds me of the folks during last years non-stop, year long, violent riots and destruction who put signs in front of their businesses supporting Antifa and Black Lives Matter, thinking they would be spared.

They were not.

The mob will kill you and burn you out as quick as any other victim because MOB.

We can not help that woke white liberals are so stupid and out of touch but let them lay in the bed they've created. We don't have to.

Droves of good police officers are quitting in blue states. In New York City alone, 830 have left since the beginning of this year. In 2020, there was a 75% increase in police officers retiring or quitting which totaled to 5,346. That is "2,300 more than left in 2019" when 3,053 left the NYPD. This is all according to the New York Post.

We should hire the best of them in the South and entice them by making it clear that our legislatures support them 100% and our cities will support them with good pay, expert training, and the means to do their jobs.

We should make it clear that we encourage our school children to look up to police, fire fighters, EMTs and all first responders who are on the front line against chaos, violence and anarchy.

By doing that, we guarantee respect for the policemen and women who risk their lives every day for us.

People in the South want law and order. We are sick of the woke idiocy in other places. We can show the superiority of our culture by having a region that cares, unapologetically, about citizens first, and not criminals.


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