Few is founder of South Carolina Parents Involved in Education SCPIE and a leading opponent of federal Common Core Standards in South Carolina schools

Sheri-Few-talking-to-concerned-parentsSheri Few has announced that she is seeking the office of Superintendent of Education since Dr. Mick Zais has decided not to run for reelection. During a press conference in Columbia she discussed her interest and involvement in the education of South Carolina children and what has motivated her to seek the elected office.

“I am a committed parent who was very involved in my children’s public school education. As a result of what I saw in my children’s curriculum, I was motivated to form the non-[profit South Carolina Parents Involved in Education. Since that time, I have studied education policy and worked to protect our children from the liberal biases found in nearly every discipline of public education.

“Over the last year, I volunteered hundreds of hours to travel the state and I have invested personal resources to educate parents and other education stakeholders about the problems with the federal Common Core Standards. I have heard many stories from desperate parents who are seeing the problems of Common Core being manifested in their children. Parents  fell hopeless because the system ignores their pleas and teachers are afraid to speak up, and this has moved me to offer myself for the office of Superintendent of Education to be the voice of parents and teachers – the most important ingredients in a child’s education.

“As Superintendent of Education, I will use every resource available to put parents and teachers back in the role of deciding what is in the best interest of South Carolina students. I will fight at every turn to prevent federal government overreach into our state’s education and I will do all I can to assure education decisions remain at the local level. I will work tirelessly until Common Core is uprooted from our education system and replaced with local, teacher and parent-driven standards that reflect our values. I will not rest until we restore academic excellence to South Carolina public schools.”

Sheri and her husband Marty have four sons all of whom graduated from South Carolina public schools. They own and operate a small construction company in the   Midlands.

Few has been active in the Republican Party as a member of the South Carolina GOP Executive Committee and as Kershaw County GOP Chairman.

She was awarded the South Carolina Baptist Convention E. A. McDowell award for exemplary Christian service through involvement in public education and was honored by Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum in 2010 for her “dedicated work for God, family and country.”

Sheri in not a newcomer to the education arena. Her battle to return curriculum control to parents and teachers began more than a decade ago. As a public school parent she became concerned about liberal indoctrination of our children through public schools.

Sheri Few is a strong supporter of individual freedom, home schooling and parent’s rights. She believes the Obama Administration’s Common Core mandates take away those rights.

If elected Superintendent of Education in South Carolina, her election would send a strong message to lawmakers and the board of education that it is time to end Obama’s Common Core mandate in our state and that parents across the state and nation are fed up with being told they don’t know what is in the best interest of their children.


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