Running for School Board In Greenville County Provides opportunities of a Lifetime with no Filing Fee

The Greenville County School Board is composed of twelve members, each serving a voting District containing several   schools. Board members serve a four year term and there are no term limits. Except for special events, the board generally meets twice a month at the district administration building on  Camperdown Way in Greenville.

Filing to seek a position on the School Board in Greenville County opens July 15 at Noon and closes August 15 at noon. Candidates file with the Election Commission at Greenville County Square.

The elections are non-partisan and no political parties are involved, hence there are no primaries or runoffs. The candidate in each district with the most votes in the November General Election wins a four year paid position on the school board.

Although there is no filing fee, it is desirable that candidates be familiar with the current issues facing the school district such as finances, debt, and the internal political situation.

Although school board candidates  are officially non-partisan when seeking office, the operations of the sitting board are intensely political.

In political terms, board members in recent elections  tend to “run right” in order to get elected, then “turn sharply left” to become accepted and protected by the large parasitic constituency outside the school district that feeds liberally at the lucrative education trough.

The largest school district in South Carolina is much like Washington, D.C., where it is a rare individual indeed that can drink the water and not succumb to the temptations available.

That is why it is doubly important that the Greenville County School Board be continually replenished with fresh, honest, enthusiastic board members who seek office to provide education rather than indoctrination of students and seek service rather than advantage.

Trustees in even number districts are up for reelection. They are District 18: Patrick Sudduth; District 20: Chuck Saylors; District 22: Lynda Leventis-Wells; District 24: Megan Hickerson; District 26: Roger Meek; and District 28: Lisa H. Wells.


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