BJU-20100225a-dreisbach-05Anne Slessor Dreisbach of Greenville was awarded the 2010 Alumnus of the Year award by Bob Jones University.  The award is given in recognition of outstanding accomplishments, Christian leadership, devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ, and loyalty to the principles of Bob Jones University.    

Growing up on the mission field, Miss Dreisbach knew she wanted to be a missionary nurse.  She graduated from Bob Jones Academy in 1966 and from the Greenville General Hospital School of Nursing in 1969.  After completing the requirements for a BS degree in medical missions from BJU in 1972, she studied to become a midwife and neonatal pediatrician at Queen Mother’s Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland.

Driesbach began her mission in 1976 in a medical clinic in the Niger Republic of West Africa.  She began serving in Suriname, South America, in 1980 where she continues to serve today.  She lives in a small Bushnegro village, which is accessible only by boat.  In just one river clinic, she has over 1,900 registered patients. In addition to general medical care, she has delivered close to 300 babies, pulled hundreds of teeth and sutured numerous lacerations.

Driesbach also teaches Bible and literacy classes, assists new missionaries with language learning and summer student missionary programs.

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