Washington Center Papet

Using the Attainment Science Curriculum as a springboard to grasp state standards-based learning objectives, Mrs. Papet’s Washington Center class collaborated to create the beginning of an indoor garden.

First, the class listened to the read-aloud, entitled, “Grandma’s Garden”, from the Attainment Science book. The students viewed pictures of the sun, soil, roots, stems, and flowers in a second book, entitled, “Plant Plumbing”.  After reading, each student planted sunflower seeds in name labeled colored pots.  The students helped to push the sunflower seeds into the soil and then added water.

Another day, students read about signs of Spring using various books from the school library. Following the read-alouds, the students assembled a letter “V” art work into a flower vase.

Next week, an extension activity will be potato print painting. Students will learn about potatoes growing under the ground versus above the ground.  Another related activity will be to set-up celery sticks for an experiment entitled, “Water up a Stem”. These will be displayed beside the sunflower pots to see how water travels up a stem using food coloring.

The class is having fun reading about plants, gardens, food from stems and leaves, and look forward to other vegetable learning projects.

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