BJA Tech Award 2019

Bob Jones Academy received the Technology Innovation Program Award (elementary school level) from the South Carolina Association for Educational Technology for its development and implementation of peer-to-peer robotics workshops. The award was presented during the annual South Carolina Educational Technology Conference on Thursday, Nov. 7, in Greenville.

BJA’s innovative technology program, “Mentoring the Future of Robotics,” highlighted the elementary robotics teams under the direction of BJA Elementary School principal Dr. Jenny Copeland.  After completing their regular season competition in the spring of 2019, the fifth and sixth grade robotics teams developed presentations to introduce kindergarteners to robotics.

The teams visited the Primary Center and worked in small groups with kindergarteners, letting them meet the robots, teaching them the basics of coding and robot handling, and then guiding them as they interacted with the robots. The mutually beneficial mentoring opportunity helped to spark the kindergartner’s interest in robotics, while the older students had the opportunity to share the knowledge they had gained from both classroom and competition.

BJA Tech Award Trophy

“Receiving this state award is a tremendous testimony and tribute for the Lord and to BJA.  I am incredibly proud of our students and the ways they are developing their talents for the Lord and also using them to come alongside others,” said Dr. Copeland. “Observing the robotics students pouring themselves in to carefully teaching and kindly helping the younger students had rewards that far outshined any coding competition, and I am thrilled that these efforts have been recognized in this way.”

Founded in 1927, BJA is an independent Christian school serving students in preschool through grade 12. All faculty are certified through the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools. BJA is accredited by the American Association of Christian Schools and the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools.

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