School Board Retains Option to Raise Taxes

Greenville County Schools Superintendent Phinnize Fisher withdrew her proposed millage hike prior to the public hearing Thursday, June 2.

Only one citizen spoke in favor of the tax increase at the public hearing. Valerie Hollinger, a former board member, urged the board to vote for the tax increase “for the children.” No citizens appeared to oppose increases in taxes.

After a lengthy and sometimes emotional debate, with the board about equally divided between those favoring a tax increase for business, rental property and motor vehicles consisting of 3.55 mills, based on South Carolina law, the board agreed to approve the 2011-2012 operating budget without a tax increase based on SC Senate budget figures. The current House numbers regarding per child funds from the state are lower than the Senate.

The board kept the option for a tax increase open to be implemented should the House not increase their budget numbers for schools to approximate the senate appropriations.

Any decision on changing millage levied for taxes must be delivered to the County Treasurer prior to the end of August.


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