BJU Campus 2021

Bob Jones University will host the annual High School Festival Monday, Nov. 1, through Thursday, Nov. 4, on the BJU campus.

“After hosting a virtual festival last year, we are pleased to once again host an in-person event,” said BJU President Steve Pettit. “I know many of our perennial participants are excited to return to the traditional format and we look forward to them showcasing their skills.”

Students in grades 9-12 from dozens of Christian schools and homeschool groups will participate in a series of competitions in music, art and design, speech and drama, video production, teaching and preaching. 

Participants can compete in both individual and group fine arts competitions and receive judging forms with feedback from BJU faculty and staff. Students participating in the preaching and teaching categories will receive feedback from the BJU School of Religion and BJU Seminary faculty.

In addition to competing, students will have the opportunity to visit classes and attend campus events. To view the registration, event information and COVID-19 protocols, click here

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