My sister Deborah Lee Hawkins is a remarkable woman. She loves her God Jehovah,  and she loves her family. But one thing about my sister Deborah is that she started working as a teenager; and Debbie recently retired at 61 years old age. And my sister Deborah loved to travel when she was off work thru the years. 

But my sister Deborah worked all her life. I just had 3 or 4 good jobs all my life,  but my sister started working  in the 1980s. She has even worked almost 20 places,  and she keeps on working.

My sister Deborah and all my six other siblings got our strong work ethic from our mother Janice A. Hawkins,  and also our father Tommie. As a family of seven doing janitorial work we all used to clean the Old Fluor Daniel building near East North street in our hometown of Greenville back in the 1990s. I did get a chance to go to Greenville Technical College just like Debbie,  who got her Associate Degree in Business there in 1988.

My sister Deborah has had a lot of jobs during her career in Greenville SC. She worked at KB toys, Toys R Us, the IKon building, Ford Credit company, and other places around our hometown.

Since I'm turning 46 next November,  it's time for me to be a substitute teacher and start to work a little more like Debbie before I myself get too old and build upon my career as a Freelance writer here in my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina.

Our hometown the City of Greenville is the biggest city of the Palmetto State, and Greenville County is the richest county in South Carolina with a lot of industry,  business growth,  and career opportunities available for those who want to work. And corporate businesses are even here in the Greenville area, such as Michelin North America and the BMW headquarters plant.

Other than work and just living, my Family have enjoyed traveling around South Carolina to the many cities, small towns, and tourist attractions the state has to offer. And in my Sister Deborah's old Yukon and Honda Odyssey cars we drove to many places during the weekend when my family was off work such as the Beaches of the Grand Strand and Lowcountry, the Mountains of Asheville NC, Hollywild Animal park in Spartanburg County, the Giant Peach in Gaffney SC, the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia SC, and the Wonderful Parks, stores, neighborhood shops, and Resturants of the City of Clinton SC in Laurens County.  When my family was off work in the past my Sister Deborah drove our family to some beautiful Places around South Carolina.

My sister Deborah is an inspirational woman. She never smoked or drank too much, and would always tell me that Jehovah would appreciate that we don't do such things. And also she never had children or got married, and I admire that very much. She says people who are not close to God and who have no basis of belief in a better day are 'Tore up from the floor up'. And that is right.

My sister Deborah is 16 years older than me, and I always thought she acted and looked like a splitting image of the singer Whitney Houston. Houston died in 2012 from a drug overdose, but my sister Deborah is still going strong as a powerful diva of Jehovah. She would always say 'I'm a young girl in the truth', and that is true and that is real.

I admire the good work ethic and Heart of Gold of my sister Deborah Hawkins. She truly is a Strong diva. Women in America have gone far in their own right, and some even have served America as governors, Vice President, senators,  mayors,  cabinet members, and a woman in American history even was nominated for President and ran but lost. And a Woman was once even Governor and also twice Lieuentant governor of the State of South Carolina.  Women in America are strong and even forceful. And my sister might remarkably go back to work after her sixties and become a bank manager.  You never know.


Steven Hawkins is from Greenville, South Carolina. He is a freelance newspaper Letter writer for various regional newspapers in South Carolina and North Carolina. In 2019 Hawkins published with AuthorHouse a collection of his Editorials and poems that was entitled "Letters from South Carolina." Hawkins's work was even featured on the Nationally syndicated Radio Show Yung Joc and the Streetz Morning Takeover that's broadcast from Atlanta.

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