Raymond Singleton is a big man who showed up at the Phoenix Inn to speak at the November meeting of the Sixteenth Regiment SCV meeting. with a big gun. It was a 9-shot revolver with a “Yankee surprise” shotgun shell in the lower barrel.

Singleton’s topic was the historically factual Abraham Lincoln, not the mythical Lincoln featured in Bill O’Riley books and Stephen Speelburg movies.

Raymond Singleton’s Lincoln had little respect for the Constitution of the United States. He suspended the Writ of  Hapeus Corpus and jailed newspaper editors and state lawmakers in the North who disagreed with his policies. He was allied with abolitionists and rich industrialists and was elected to the presidency with only 40 percent of the popular vote.

The famous Underground Railroad smuggled former slaves from the Confederate States to Canada. They were not permitted to stop in northern states controlled by Lincoln.

Singleton’s Lincoln freed slaves in the South where he had no control hoping to create rebellion. The slaves never rebelled. Slaves in the North were freed after Lincoln’s death.

Marx, Engels and Hitler were fans of Lincoln.

Lincoln was supportive of Gen. Sherman’s war on civilians and destruction of private property. (Gen. Lee’s army did not destroy or confiscate anything but government property.) Lincoln’s most famous general was “Fighting Joe Hooker,” whose name is associated to this day with the profession he made famous.

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