The sights and sounds of yesteryear came alive in Pendleton on Saturday as Ashtabula celebrated Old Farm Day.

Antique gas engines powered a plethora of machines, including a cotton gin and a hay bailer, just to name a few. Antique tractors and automobiles were on display as well.

The coolness of the day did not deter hundreds of people of all ages from coming out to enjoy the event. While some spectators meandered over the front lawn, inspecting the various and sundry exhibits, other visitors paid an extra $3.00 to take a guided tour, given by young ladies dressed in hoop skirts, of the Ashtabula mansion, which served as the backdrop for the day's festivities.

One woman dressed in old-timey attire knitted colorful socks with a small, sock-knitting contraption while Doyle Harper, stationed several yards away, demonstrated the art of blacksmithing.

During the cotton gin demonstration, pieces of fluffy white cotton seemed to float out of the machine, delighting the nearby spectators, many of whom gathered pieces of the white fibers as souvenirs.

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