The Joseph Evan Davis 907 Children of the Confederacy held their April meeting at the New Hope United Methodist Church in Anderson, SC on Sunday afternoon, April 12, 2015. Along with members of the Winnie Davis 442 United Daughters of the Confederacy Chapter, they honored Chapter President, Allison Bolt’s Confederate ancestor, Abram Bolt and his wife Mary with a grave-cleaning, iron-cross-placing, and grave-rededicating event. Chapter Director Pamela Hamilton Durham discussed the military history and family of Abram Bolt. There were three generations of the Bolt family present today for this rededication service. Mr. Bolt shared pictures of these ancestors with the children as they learned to clean the grave of the veteran and his wife, under direction of grave restoration consultant Julia Barnes.  Michael Barnes and Danny Durham then showed the children how to properly install an iron cross. These men of the Sons of Confederate Veterans provided outstanding role models for the children. The children did a wonderful job in honoring a veteran and then recording the other veterans buried in this cemetery.


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