The Spirit And Passion of “Swamp Fox”

Throughout the ages, the human heart has longed for the ability to express, act and become what it was created to be.  Since this can only happen in a FREE society, it has been a dream...not realized... until a few brave men and women with great faith and trust in the God of the Bible decided to cross an ocean; not knowing whether they would live or die.  Willing to take the chance - America was born.

But, a dream manifested into reality needs “caretakers,” or it will burst into flames and disintegrate into nothingness.  This is where the Watchmen on the walls, the Guardsmen of the union, the Courageous and Undaunted, must once again come to the forefront in defense of our PATRIOTISM!  Yes, this is the proper word to use in these perilous times.

(We might even say that ALL times are perilous... according to the degree of protection and safety provided and available.)

Is America still worth fighting for? Are the “dreamers” of a place where people of all colors and creed can develop and prosper in a safe and protected environment still worth respecting? These are the basic questions that each of us must answer for ourselves - our actions will reveal our answers.

Webster’s Dictionary describes PATRIOT in a direct manner:

1. a person who loves, supports and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

Another question to ask ... Where are the patriots today? It seems our governmental offices are devoid of such persons.  Of course, this can not continue.

In order to understand who we are, as American Citizens, in today’s world, we need to sincerely research our historical heritage written in the blood, sweat and tears of our great, great grandfathers and mothers. Now is the time to build our educational “stockpile” with the Truth of who we are and where we are going.  For many years now, those who oppose personal liberty and unbiased justice have influenced the educational system of this country, by steering young minds towards accepting the false teaching that globalism supersedes patriotism!

Destroying the fabric of this nation and undermining its foundation by lowering its purpose and image to a level playing field with the world will NOT bring universal peace, but universal disappointment in the personal achievement of the human mind towards Goodness and Pros-perity.

The America Dream began long before the Declaration of Independence. It was instilled within the human heart at the moment mankind was created, but could not manifest until the Creator Himself allowed Time to bring about certain events that would “catapult” humanity into a new era of reality.

Certain men and women had to be born that would catch the vision of Self Government within a safe, strong and well-protected environment...

Such are our ancestors of the Revolutionary War.  We must never forget them and their dedication of leaving to their children and grandchildren down through the centuries a place on earth they could call - BLESSED.

Such was one of these Patriots - General Francis Marion, born in the beautiful state of South Carolina, a place of abundant natural resources, lakes, mountains and an easily accessible seaport and coastline.

As George Washington and all of our generals did, Marion fought with a spirit and passion ignited by the idea of liberty from a controlling monarchy that would keep the thirteen recognized states as permanent colonies of Great-Britain.

LIBERTY or DEATH was his motto and that of his of great courage and conviction, who would give their fortunes and lives; risking their families’ safety for the ultimate cause of Freedom ... not only for their day, but for ours also. Our reverence for their sacrifices and sufferings can never be enough.

It was by Divine Direction that General Marion fought the British Army and won! South Carolina was not always on his side; many times thinking that it was no use to fight, since they were very prosperous in trading with the British Empire, but Marion never gave up the battle and fought with whatever resources were available to him...he had a cause, a mission, a determination that would not be quenched!  To him and his men, our God gave much wisdom on how to battle and use the swamps and knowledge of the land to their advantage ... thus being dubbed “The Swamp Fox”!

Do we and our children understand that the MANTEL has been passed on to US?

General Marion was diligent, untiring and totally committed to the liberation of South Carolina from British control.  There was no government to supply him and his brigade with money, ammunition or food... he and his men were clothed with the basic tanned leather garments of their day.  Their valor and dedication to this “just cause” - Liberty, made their lives bearable, under the most extreme pressures of war.

Shall we accept the mantel? Or cast it upon the ground in front of those that oppose our American way of life, in fear and complacency ... allowing the “world” to dictate and determine the way we should live.

This is NOT what the Carolinians, and the rest of the colonies fought and died for in the 17 & 1800’s!  The spirit, passion, fortitude and love of America must NEVER cease to exist! It must be taught from generation to generation in order to be kept Alive and Well!

From its very inception, the United States has had many enemies; this is a fact – and must be understood and dealt with.  True history must be kept close to our hearts and revered, as God our Creator continues to direct America.  A true Patriot will never allow our past and present heroes to die in vain!  Yes, we have become “soft” and passive as we permit evil forces – disguised as friends to dismantle the Good of all that we have fought for...and call it PROGRESS.

In the Federalist Papers, James Madison put it very well (#63)... “Liberty maybe endangered by the abuses of liberty, as well as the abuses of POWER;”

It is TIME to sail our PATRIOTISM on the high seas of PASSION;

Go Ahead ... Make Waves!

Throughout our American history and all its is proven that God incorporates Himself in the affairs of men.


Sarah Mercado Commercial Graphic Artists specializing in potriats, scenes, and wall murals in Spartanburg, SC.


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