The Sesquicentennial Reunion and Convention of the Sons of Confederate Veterans was held July 13-16, 2011, at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center in Montgomery, Alabama, the city where the Confederate Government was formed 150 years ago. During these meetings, the SCV conducted business sessions, held oratorical contests, offered historical tours, participated in a Memorial Service, enjoyed Heritage Dinners and Awards Dinners, entertained with Confederate era music, and enjoyed times of renewing friendship and fellowship with those who love to honor their Confederate ancestors and the Cause of the Confederacy. Several men from the SC 16th Regiment, Greenville Camp 36 were in attendance at the Convention. Some of the members received national level awards from Commander-in-Chief Michael Givens. Mr. Chris Sullivan received the 2010-2011 Commander-in-Chief’s Award for performing exceptional duty on behalf of the Commander-in-Chief during his term of office, and the 2010-2011 Leadership Award for displaying superior leadership skills in a position of responsibility. Mr. Bob Dill, Publisher and Executive Editor of The Times Examiner, was given the Meritorious Service Medal for outstanding service to the SCV by his dedication in presenting the true Cause of the South in his weekly newspaper, The Times Examiner. The award was presented to Mr. Dill at the July meeting of Camp 36 on Thursday, July 28, 2011. Pastor Mark Evans, Camp 36 Chaplain, and SCV Chaplain-in-Chief, received the Rev. J. William Jones Christian Award. This award is presented to a professed Christian SCV member to emulate and perpetuate the orthodox Christian faith demonstrated by the soldiers and citizens of the Confederate States of America.

The Order of the Confederate Rose, an auxiliary group that gives support to the local SCV camps, held its Confederation of States meeting on Saturday, July 16. The state of South Carolina was well-represented at this meeting.

As the Sesquicentennial continues through 2015, the next SCV Sesquicentennial Convention will be held in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, July 11-15, 2012.  The reunion will be held in the 150th anniversary year of the Battle of Murfreesboro, as well as on the actual anniversary date of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Murfreesboro raid and on the birthday of General Forrest.

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