Rear Admiral John Goodwin poses with “Depper Recruit” Mary Wilson and her mother Barbara after the “Navy Week” proclamation ceremony Thursday afternoon at Piazza Bergamo.The U.S. Navy Office of Community Outreach chose twenty-three cities in the U.S. for a group of Navy officers and sailors to visit, and explain to citizens what the U.S. Navy is doing with regard to the “War on Terror,” including humanitarian projects.

The officer in charge of the Greenville visit was Rear Admiral John W. (Bill) Goodwin, a graduate of the University of South Carolina who was commissioned  in May 1975 and started his training as a naval aviator in February 1977.

After flight training, he was assigned flight duties on the aircraft carrier, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. He was a pilot of the A-7 Corsair Jet Fighter. Later in his career he was trained to fly F-18 Hornet Supersonic Jet while deployed on the carrier USS Constellation. He later took command of the USS Rannier, a combat support ship and later he was the first commanding officer of the USS Ronald Reagan. Most recently he served as commander, Naval Air force Atlantic where he was in charge of all east coast aircraft carriers and their aircrafts.

Rear Admiral Goodwin and his staff visited WJB Dorn VA Medical Center outpatient clinic on Augusta Road. They next visited the Shriner’s Childrens Hospital where they visited with some of the staff and patients with their parents.

U.S. Navy volunteers participated in the Sterling Community Center after-school program.

On Thursday, Michelin North America hosted a Navy Recognition and Birthday Celebration. Dick Wilkerson, Chairman and President of Michelin North America, said the Navy is “one of  our most important customers.”

American Legion Post 3 hosted Rear Admiral John Goodwin and his staff at a reception in the War Museum. Rear Admiral Goodwin spoke to Legionnaires and guests about the U.S. Navy’s responsibilities in the “War on Terror,” as well as the humanitarian function that the Navy performs during national disasters such as hurricane relief and recently the earthquake and Tsunami disaster in (Samoa).

Rear Admiral Goodwin spoke to Wade Hampton High students on Friday morning during a career information assembly. The U.S. Navy Fleet Forces Band, “Four Star-Edition” performed during the assembly.

On Friday night, the “Navy Fleet Forces Band” performed at the Fall for Greenville Amphitheatre Stage behind the Peace Center.


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