From 10-17 July, 2010, 17 Blue Ridge cadets attended Cadet Leadership School on the campus of Converse College.  There were over 300 cadets present, representing 22 high schools from North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina.  This annual event focuses on developing leadership skills, teamwork, attention to detail, self-discipline, respect for authority, and Air Force related academics.  Five Blue Ridge cadets were recognized for their outstanding performance.


As part of the graduation parade, held on Saturday and attended by several hundred parents and friends, awards were presented to both first time attendees and returning cadets. Jodie Campbell received the Group Commander Leadership Award with bronze eagle and Military Officers Association of America Medal. Danielle Capps received the Outstanding Evaluator Award with bronze eagle and Veterans of Foreign Wars Medal.  Jacob Nathanson received the Outstanding Operations Officer Award with bronze eagle and Scottish Rite Medal.  Each of these have attended Converse Leadership School three years in a row, in recognition of their hard work and accomplishments at their home unit. Warren Metcalf and DJ Reece, both first time attendees, were presented plaques as honor graduates, completing the rigorous course of academics, inspection, physical training and drill in the top 10% of all basics.

All of the cadets worked extremely hard during this demanding week.  They will take what they have learned and apply it to become a better leader, student, and citizen, better prepared to serve their nation and community.

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