If you ever needed proof that our federal government is terrible at coordinating a response to crisis situations, the evidence lies in how they are currently treating the National Guard. After the Capitol riot, thousands of National Guard troops were sent to Washington, D.C. to protect federal buildings during the Inaugural events. Immediately upon arrival, Guardsmen were given nowhere to rest. They were forced to sleep on the floor of the Capitol Visitor’s Center after 12-hour shifts. After lawmakers decried this situation, many were given cots and other accommodations.  

The Inauguration went off without a hitch, but the National Guard remained in the area for days afterward.  On the following Thursday, Capitol Police told the Guards that they needed to immediately vacate the Congressional buildings and would have to take their breaks from their 12-hour shifts outside. One unit of 5,000 Guardsmen was banished to a parking garage with one bathroom, no internet access, and one outlet.  

Many lawmakers, once again, stepped in. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) called the situation “a disgrace” while Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) promised to “get to the bottom of it.”  Members from both sides of the aisle, like Reps. Madison Cawthorne (R-NC) and Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), offered up their offices and handed out food. The Governors from Florida, Texas, and New Hampshire ordered the troops they sent to Washington, D.C. to go home because of the way they have been treated. The Guards were eventually let back into the Capitol hours later. 

This type of treatment is unacceptable and must be investigated! Clearly, the lack of communication and coordination left our National Guardsmen vulnerable, and, in turn, put the American people at risk. It is Congress’s responsibility to look into this situation and hold those accountable who failed their duty. 

Call or email your Congressman and Senators today to ask them to call for an investigation into the treatment of our National Guard!

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