The Fiscal Year 2022 Appropriations process is in shambles. Quite frankly, it’s threatening the well-being of American women.

Yesterday, the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) voted to include women into the Military Selective Service via the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). If this bill is signed into law, women, like men, between the ages of 18-25 will be required by law to register for the draft.

Eagle Forum applauds the five Republican Senators in SASC who opposed the inclusion of women in selective service. But sadly, it appears that, in general, the Senate does not care about the real implications this change to selective service requirements poses to the country’s national security and society in general. Women should not be on the battlefield’s front line for two important reasons: 1. women do not have the same physical strength as the male opponents and 2. families need women on the home front.  

To the first point, women are biologically different than men. Increasing the number of women in the military will only divert resources to train and evaluate them to find the small percentage who may be qualified for combat. The military already “dumbed-down” its fitness test due to concerns over the “gender gap,” so it will not be surprising when qualifications for combat are eliminated. Putting physically weaker people in combat will only diminish our military strength. The battlefield does not play by the ideology of diversity and inclusion; only the strongest wins in war and none of America's enemies use women in combat. The only purpose of selective service is so that the military has a ready pool of combat replacement bodies — in other words, cannon fodder.

Secondly, one cannot help but see the threads of Marxist ideology in the NDAA’s change to selective service. Not only would it attempt to neutralize the sexes, but it also removes women of peak child-bearing years from our society. In doing this, not only will our nation’s birth rate continue to decline, but mothers will be forced to surrender their child’s well-being to government-run institutions, like daycare, especially if the child’s father has also been drafted.

At Eagle Forum, we know that strong families create a strong nation. Taking mothers out of the home and into combat is a grave mistake!

“We ardently hope that our lawmakers will reconsider the consequences of including women in the selective service,” said Eagle Forum President Colleen Holcomb. “Too much is at stake for them to appease liberal ideology. The country’s military is meant to protect and defend, not serve as a marker for women’s equality.”

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