Public School Teachers Told to Indoctrinate Kids

A group of Conservative activists is going to meet at the Pickens School Board meeting to support a mother of a student at Daniel High School in Pickens County. The mother is bringing attention to a book titled Stamped written by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi which deals with Critical Race Theory (CRT). This book is being used at Daniel High School in Easley, SC; and according to her, quite possibly being used by other middle schools and high schools of Pickens County School District.

She read the book before she allowed her daughter to read it and became very concerned. Her daughter's English teacher at Daniel High assigned the book to her whole class to read. Amanda has gone through the correct protocol and has met with her teacher, vice principal, and principal at Daniel High about her concerns and they have basically told her they see no problem with this book being used. So she plans to speak on Monday, August 22nd at the 6 p.m. school board meeting in Pickens County. The school board meeting will take place at the SDPC Administrative Building located at 1348 Griffin Mill Road, Easley, SC 29640.

On Sunday, August 22nd, the day before the school board meeting, an emergency meeting was scheduled at the Easley Library meeting room where they organized and strategized on how to take this on. They are looking for others of like mind to join them and support this mother in removing this book from Pickens County schools. They are asking for anyone to come and help fight this cancel culture endoctrination at this school board meeting.


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