'The Most Reluctant Convert' will be Available on December 24

The Most Relunctant Convert

SCOTTSDALE, Az. -- Pure Flix is proud to make "The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis," what Focus on the Family's PluggedIn called one of "the best Christian movies of the year," available for streaming on December 24.

"We are grateful to partner with Pure Flix and believe the story of C.S. Lewis' journey from vigorous debunker to committed Christian will resonate at a deep level with Pure Flix's large audience," said Max McLean, who stars as Lewis.

The film was written for the screen and directed by two-time Emmy and BAFTA winner Norman Stone (BBC's Shadowlands), and stars Max McLean who has brought C.S. Lewis throughout his career on the theatrical stage and involvement with the Fellowship for Performing Arts. The film also stars Nicolas Ralph (All Creatures Great & Small) as college-age Lewis and Eddie Ray Martin as child-age Lewis.

Watch the trailer for the film here and discover more about Pure Flix, the destination for faith and family-friendly movies and shows.


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