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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 02:44 PM


First Published in 1994


The history of the battles over Republican Platforms teaches us that standing on principles of authentic conservatism and traditional values is the road to victory. Strong principled platforms are worth all the agony we put into writing and getting them adopted. — Phyllis Schlafly

Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly served on the GOP Platform Committee nine times — from 1976 to 2012 — and was instrumental in ensuring the Republican Party became and remained pro-life. The language she first championed in 1976 “to seek enactment of a constitutional amendment to restore protection of the right to life for unborn children” has stood the test of time. Since then, conservatives have repeatedly crafted a Republican party platform that is pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-family, and pro-American. As grassroots delegates prepare for the 2024 GOP Platform, we urge them to include the following provisions from the 2016 GOP Platform.


“We assert the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed. We support a human life amendment to the Constitution and legislation to make clear that the Fourteenth Amendment’s protections apply to children before birth.” (pg. 13)

“We oppose the use of public funds to perform or promote abortion…” and “will not fund or subsidize healthcare that includes abortion coverage.” (pg. 13)

We oppose: “euthanasia and assisted suicide,” human cloning,” “embryonic stem cell research,” “acquir[ing], transfer[ing], or sell[ing] fetal tissues from elective abortions for research,” “sex-selection abortions and abortions based on disabilities.” (pg. 14)

“We affirm our moral obligation to assist, rather than penalize, women who face an unplanned pregnancy.” (pg. 14)

Marriage and Family

“…marriage between one man and one woman is the foundation for a free society and has for millennia been entrusted with rearing children and cultural values.” (pg. 11)
Family is “the foundation of civil society and the cornerstone of the family is natural marriage, the union of one man and one woman.” (pg. 31)
“Our laws and our government’s regulations should recognize marriage as the union of one man and one woman and actively promote married family life as the basis of a stable and prosperous society.” (pg. 31)


“We oppose any restrictions or conditions that would discourage citizens from participating in the public square or limit their ability to promote their ideas, such as requiring private organizations to publicly disclose their donors to the government.” (pg. 12)

“…we strongly support the freedom of Americans to act in accordance with their religious beliefs, not only in their house of worship, but also in their everyday lives.” (pg. 12)

We “repeat our long-standing opposition to the imposition of national standards and assessments, encourage the parents and educators who are implementing alternatives to Common Core, and congratulate the states which have successfully repealed it.” (pg. 33)

We call for “choice-based, parent-driven accountability at every level.” (pg. 33)

“We emphatically support the original, authentic meaning of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972… That same provision of law is now being used by bureaucrats- and by the current President of the United States- to impose a social and cultural revolution upon the American people by wrongly defining sex discrimination to include sexual orientation or other categories.” (pg. 35)

“The Administration’s distortion of Title IX to micromanage the way colleges and universities deal with allegations of abuse contravenes our country’s legal traditions and must be halted before it further muddles this complex issue and prevents the proper authorities from investigating and prosecuting sexual assault effectively with due process.”  (pg. 35)


“America’s immigration policy must serve the national interest of the United States, and the interests of American workers must be protected over the claims of foreign nationals seeking the same jobs.” (pg. 25)

We oppose “any form of amnesty,” “sanctuary cities,” and “support building and a wall along our southern border.” (pg. 25-26)

“To keep our people safe, we must secure our borders, enforce, our immigration laws, and properly screen refugees and other immigrants entering from any country.” (pg. 42)
Medical Freedom and Conscience

“We respect the rights of conscience of healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and organizations, especially faith-based groups which provide a major portion of care for the nation and needy.” (pg. 37)

“American taxpayers should not be forced to fund abortion.” (pg. 37)

“We call for a permanent ban on federal funding and subsidies for abortion and healthcare plans that include abortion coverage.” (pg. 37)


“We call for renewed efforts to reduce, rather than expand, government responsibilities, and we urge particular attention to the bloated public relations budgets of the departments and agencies.”


“Republicans continue to support American military superiority which has been the cornerstone of a strategy that seeks to deter aggression or defeat those who threaten our vital national security interests.” (pg. 42)

“We support an all-volunteer force and oppose unnecessary policy changes, including compulsory national service and Selective Service registration of women for a possible future draft.” (pg. 43)


“It is the responsibility of our government to advance policies that reflect Americans’ strong desire for a relationship with no daylight between America and Israel.. . . Our party is proud to stand with Israel now and always.” (pg. 47)

Human Trafficking

“We will use the full force of the law against those who engage in commercial sexual exploitation and forced or bonded labor of men, women or children; involuntary domestic servitude; trafficking in persons for the purpose of organ removal; and the illegal recruitment and use of child soldiers.” (pg. 53)


We urge platform delegates to insert and support language regarding the following:


We affirm that sex is biologically binary- male and female- as is scientifically evidenced by reproductive potential.

Parents have the fundamental right to direct the health care decisions for their children and children have the fundamental right to be protected from permanent, risky, and experimental sex trait modification procedures.

Women and men deserve to feel safe in private spaces therefore, bathrooms, locker rooms, shelters, and prisons should have separate areas based on biological sex.

We reject the notion that biological males can compete in women’s sports. Women and girls should be able to compete fairly against members of the same sex to preserve their physical well-being, privacy, and accomplishment potential.


Our federal government should not participate in or fund global organizations such as the United Nations or the World Health Organization that seek authority over public health emergencies such as pandemics.

We affirm that all treaties and international agreements must be submitted to Congress for advice and consent before being agreed to by the Executive branch.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Critical Race Theory (CRT)

The federal government should not impose “diversity, equity, and inclusion” initiatives in any part of federal policy including agency measures, grants, military rules, and public schooling. We reject Critical Race Theory which seeks to divide Americans by race and ethnicity.

Republican Platform 2016-2020


Eagle Forum was founded by Phyllis Schlafly, a dynamic and charismatic leader who inspired countless women and men to participate in the process of self-government and public policy-making so that America will continue to be a land of individual liberty, with respect for the nuclear family, public and private virtue, and private enterprise. For nearly fifty years, Eagle Forum’s network of state organizations has led the charge to mobilize the grassroots to defend the founding principles of the United States.