Developments on the international front last week are of great concern.  During China’s “celebration” of the 70th anniversary of the founding of its Communist Party, the world witnessed a parade of military armaments including some for which the United States has no defense.  The Communist government proudly showcased an inventory of ninety DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missiles, each containing ten nuclear warheads – enough to destroy America’s strategic military targets almost two-times over.


A frightening aspect of the Chinese military threat is that it doesn’t take hundreds of nuclear weapons to destroy America.  It only takes ONE – detonated at high altitude above the United States – in an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack, which would shut down our nation’s electric grid and bring America to a grinding halt.  Just as he was the first to take on China, President Trump is the first to recognize the immense threat posed to our nation by EMP and the first to issue an executive order directing the US Government to protect against it using currently available and affordable technology.


The Federal Regulator For The Electric Power Industry Wants To Hear From You!

At “Eagle Council XLVII” in Washington DC in September, we hosted Tommy Waller who briefed Candidate Donald Trump on EMP.  Waller’s vital presentation here gives us the understanding we need for our marching orders.  He is Vice President for Special Projects at the Center for Security Policy and manages the “Secure the Grid Coalition”.

Transparency to the public across the nation is a pre-requisite for grid security. Miraculously, the federal regulator for the electric power industry has just invited comments from the public, and this is where YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

The deadline for comments is 28 October.  See action instructions presented at and endorsed by the Secure the Grid Coalition.

To learn more from Tommy, you can listen to this incredibly informative radio interview.

To view the September 2019 Eagle Council keynote speech and action points by Gordon Chang on Communism in China go here.

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