Mike Lindell Moment of Truth Summit

Mike Lindell’s “Moment of Truth” election summit in Springfield, Missouri, last weekend gathered hundreds to bear witness to documented evidence of election fraud across the country.

The event spanned two 12-hour days, each packed with nonstop information, now available at Lindell’s Frank Speech website or through his app.

The weekend featured presentations by election-integrity experts such as:

  • former Michigan state senator and poll challenger Patrick Colbeck, author of The 2020 Coup. What Happened. What We Can Do.;
  • former Trump legal advisor and Newsmax contributor Jenna Ellis;
  • attorney and Trump advisor Kurt Olsen, who is attempting to bring the 2020 election under U.S. Supreme Court scrutiny;
  • technology expert and inventor Jovan Pulitzer, who revealed real-time hacking of voting machines in Georgia and participated in the Arizona audit;
  • founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Richard Mack;
  • former Wisconsin state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman.

Their speeches were followed by a massive presentation called the “State of the States.” Delegates from each state — from citizen activists to elected representatives — revealed what they said were systematic efforts to influence elections via voting machines and counterfeit ballots. (Two states were unable to send delegates, so they delivered status reports instead.)

From Alabama to Wyoming, citizens and cyber experts presented evidence exposing tampering and fraud. Canvassers in Florida revealed that nearly 30 percent of the state’s voters in the 2020 election were phantoms (a voter who moved or died prior to the election, or who was fictitious). Residents of Maine found many towns that document more than 100 percent of their populations as registered voters; some even had turnout in the 2020 election that exceeded the number of inhabitants. Pennsylvania witnessed nearly 785,000 more ballots cast than voters who voted in 2020. Justice Gableman promoted the website WIElectionReview.org, which contains the results of his incriminating investigation as Special Counsel in Wisconsin.

Speakers also divulged lessons they’ve learned about how to properly approach state and county election officials to effect change. Many warned about the machinations of CEIR (the Center for Election Innovation and Research) and ERIC (the Electronic Registration Information Center), both founded by leftist David Becker. Presenters said that these organizations are funded by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros to promote rigged elections.

Also on Saturday, Lindell treated his audience to the world premiere of his political thriller/documentary [S]election Code, which relates the story of Mesa County, Colorado, election clerk Tina Peters. In 2021 Peters “made a backup of her county’s Dominion Voting System server,” as state and federal law required, “only to stumble across evidence of manipulation” in a local election and the 2020 general election. She now stands accused of felonious tampering with election equipment.

A judge has ordered her bound to Colorado until her case is settled, so Peters addressed the summit remotely by pre-recorded message[S]election Code is available free at SelectionCode.com, where subscribers can also download a complimentary copy.

The rapid pace of events continued the following day, as organizers held a mock trial to determine whether to trust voting machines used in elections nationwide. The verdict: pull the plug! Many other experts spelled out how to do so, including the Constitutional Sheriffs, who issued an impressive call to action. Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon and U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) promoted the website PrecinctStrategy.com that explains the importance of precinct committee members and easy ways that ordinary citizens can get involved to help secure future elections. Lindell publicized his website FrankSpeech.com, where visitors can learn how to access cast vote records in their state. He calls them the “clearest indicators of whether or not there is machine-based election fraud.”

A Sunday evening surprise guest sent shock waves around the room — Clinton Curtis, a computer programmer who wrote a prototype code in 2000 that could alter election results. At the time, he understood his code to be a proof-of-concept program, but now suspects that it has been used in real elections.

A Republican in 2000, Curtis has since switched to the Democratic Party, and even voted for Biden in 2020. That reveal elicited boos from the crowd, but appeared to bolster his case since no one can dismiss him as a disgruntled Trump supporter. Even though his candidate won in 2020, he believes election fraud is rife nationwide. “You have to get rid of the machines, count paper ballots at the precinct level, [and] record that so that everybody can count it themselves,” he insisted, to wild applause from the audience. Like all honest Americans, Curtis wants safe and secure elections to preserve the Republic.

The star of the entire weekend, however, was event host Mike Lindell. Few speakers failed to thank him for his tireless work to expose election fraud in the face of powerful backlash from Deep State operators, and for the tens of millions he has invested in lawsuits and exposés about voting machine security vulnerabilities. Ever the businessman, Lindell offered attendees the promo code TRUTH45 at MyPillow.com. And ever the optimist, he ended the summit with a heartfelt message to the cheering crowd: “God bless you! We will win! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


Rebecca Terrell is a senior editor and regular contributor for The New American.

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