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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 03:15 AM


First Published in 1994


ATLANTA, GA -- Moms and dads disappointed in President Biden's decision to disrespect God's design for marriage are getting high-tech help this holiday season protecting their children from growing deception online. FreeFiltering.org helps families block websites devoted to spreading harmful ideas about marriage, sexuality, and family.

"It doesn't matter if you're a Senator, a Supreme Court Justice, or the President - your present position of earthly power will be worthless when giving an account before almighty God for causing the little ones among us to stumble," said FreeFiltering​​​​​​​ Founder, Michael Mason. Mason encourages every Christian family to make sure they are running internet filters devoted to traditional Christian values. He launched FreeFiltering after discovering most internet filtering services are not committed to traditional Christian morality. He was widely criticized in the press after launching the service.

The company is providing complimentary remote setup of their home wi-fi filters for any user who registers an account in December and cannot afford to pay for setup help. (The Expert Setup service normally costs $99.) Users simply create a free account on the site & then book a time for an expert to remotely connect and set up their filters.

FreeFiltering.org is a Christian internet filter that blocks over 2 million websites dedicated to promoting porn, LGBT lifestyles, and abortion. The service is free for home wi-fi. Parents can use FreeFiltering's self-help guides to make a simple adjustment to their wi-fi router. Once the adjustment is made, every device connected to wi-fi is filtered automatically. Alternatively, parents can pay for Expert Setup service where a company technician connects remotely and sets up their wi-fi router. The company will be providing Expert Setup service free to any family who registers an account in December and cannot afford to pay.

---------------------SOURCE: FreeFiltering