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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 02:13 AM


First Published in 1994


GCRP Chairman Candidate Yvonne Julian Donated to Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John Edwards and the Democratic National Committee.

Sam Manley Video re Yvonne Julian

Sam Manley who is vying for Chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party (GCRP) has just released a video that explains that his opponent and current 1st Vice Chairman Yvonne Julian has donated to Democrats and not Republicans while in California.

During her campaign for the GCRP Chairman position, Julian has many times referred to how she was disgusted with how her previous residences in California and Chicago were so liberal and how the woke ideologies were destroying those locations.

On several occasions, she told her audiences that she left California because of how the state was going down fast. She added that this was the reason why she left places like Chicago and California and moved to South Carolina.

But according to Manley and FEC.gov, there is an entirely different pattern. According to Manley, while in California, she donated $1,100 on five separate occasions to Hillary Clinton. She also donated on three occasions a total of $350 to John Kerry and $250 once to John Edwards. She also gave a total of $460 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on eight occasions. And she gave a total of $1,850 to the Democratic National Committee on 37 occasions according to FEC.gov. Let's not forget her two donations totaling $160 to MoveOn.org. You can go to FEC.gov and check this yourself. Click HERE.

The question that Sam Manley is asking, along with other Greenville Republicans, is that if she was so disgusted with California and its politics, then why do we see donations for ONLY Democrats? Would we not see contributions to Republicans at all? There is NONE!

So according to evidence, there is an identifying pattern. She was a Democrat and donated to Democrats while in California and never donated to Republicans and then all of a sudden, she is here in Greenville proudly stating that she is okay with the division of Greenville Republicans and that division is okay and normal. Remember, she is doing this from within. She is happy that this causes GCRP to be not effective.

While calling many good Conservative Republicans RINOs that lived here all their lives defending conservative causes, she and her cohorts are recruiting new people that have not been involved and do not know who are the real RINOs. And in addition, Julian and Jeff Davis are stirring up strife within the party and telling all the new people that they are the true conservatives and that the ones who have been fighting the good fight their whole life are RINOs.

Another obvious pattern is how Julian and Davis do not support the SC Freedom Caucus which is on record fighting RINOs in Columbia and not only winning but being constantly attacked by these legislative RINOs. Where are Julian and Davis in defending them?

So, you see, there is a pattern:

  1. Never voted Republican while in California (there are no donations on record for Chicago).
  2. Suddenly shows up in Greenville and immediately causes strife within the largest local Republican Party in SC to make it of no effect.
  3. Brings in NEW people that have no clue what has been going on the past two years.
  4. Does not aid our RINO hunting SC Freedom Caucus which is winning battles, but instead disparages them and rewards them with no support.

It is time for Greenville County Republicans to wake up and realize that Democrats are capable of anything. So due to these political patterns along with the knowledge of Democrat tactics, Sam Manley and Greenville Republicans want answers. They want an explanation of why Yvonne Julian and Jeff Davis are hell-bent on destroying the Greenville County Republican Party to make it non-effective and supportive to those who are really fighting the RINOs in Columbia.