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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 02:06 AM


First Published in 1994


Congress Hits the Brakes on Car Bans

Congress Hits the Brakes on Car Bans

The Biden administration is once again stifling the choices of the American people. In the name of “climate change,” the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given waivers to the State of California allowing them to go beyond federal regulations to ban certain types of vehicles. Even though this has occurred for decades, the California Resource Board was granted its biggest request to date: a ban on all sales of non-electric vehicles in the near future.

California and the EPA have teamed up to take over the automobile industry to damage the fossil fuel industry. Earlier this year, the EPA granted the State of California a waiver that allows half of all their new heavy-duty vehicle sales to be electric by 2035. Just a couple of months later, California asked for a waiver to ban all internal combustion engine vehicles to quickly phase in electric cars by 2035. At the same time, the EPA published their “toughest-ever” regulation on car emissions that included a 56% reduction over previous rules. Car manufacturers have been told that they must replace 67% of their fleet with electric vehicles by 2032. This burden will crush American companies and drain family finances, not to mention take away our ability to choose the automobile that we want and need.

The left’s zero-emissions policies are rapidly spreading to Democrat-controlled states. States such as Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington have followed suit by passing similar laws or tying their states to California standards. However, other states are pushing back against California’s waivers by suing the EPA over their actions. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and fourteen attorneys general are challenging the EPA (Texas v. EPA) over their car emissions standards citing “pocketbook injury” due to their states’ reduction in revenue from fossil fuels. Additionally, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost along with sixteen attorneys general are suing the EPA (Ohio v. EPA) because of the favor they have shown California in granting waivers beyond federal policies. These states are demanding equal treatment.

House Republicans are taking action as well. Representative Dr. John Joyce (R-OH) introduced a bill called the Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act (H.R. 1435). If passed into law, this bill would prevent states from obtaining waivers to ban the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines. Ohio Congressman Bob Latta who co-sponsored the bill stated:

The federal government should not be picking winners and losers that determine which kind of cars Americans drive – whether that’s a gas and diesel car or an electric vehicle.  Yet, if the EPA grants California’s waiver request to ban internal combustion engine vehicles, Americans across the country will lose the ability to choose the vehicle that works best for them and their families. This is an issue of preserving the rights of the American consumer and allowing free markets to flourish, which is why I’m pleased the Energy and Commerce Committee advanced our bill today to prevent the EPA from granting this radical waiver request. I am now looking forward to seeing this bill clear its next legislative hurdle: a vote before the full U.S. House of Representatives.

Recently, Eagle Forum joined the Save Our Cars Coalition alongside of like-minded organizations and liberty-loving Americans. Together, we are taking action against the Biden administration’s overreach into vehicle choice. Eagle Forum President Kris Ullman released this statement:

The moms of America, more than any other group, understand the need to be able to drive the car of our choosing. From driving kids to and from schools, practices, and activities to shopping, commuting to work, visiting friends, and caring for family, we rely on our cars! Each family is different and has unique needs. We believe that automobile manufacturers should be free to produce the types of vehicles that consumers want to buy, not just the ones that governments compel them to make.  By joining the Save Our Cars Coalition, we are uniting with millions of other Americans advocating to protect our choices.

We encourage you to join us as we ask our lawmakers to support H.R. 1435. You can ask your Congressman to support consumer choice of vehicles and protect the free market by visiting our website here.