Obama Forces Plan Counterattack for 9-13

Thousands of patriotic Americans from across the country who are fed-up with the antics of the Obama administration, especially the overspending and health care plan, are heading for Washington, D. C., Saturday, September 12 for a National Taxpayers Protest and march on the U. S. Capitol.

Several hundred individuals will travel to the nation’s capitol from Greenville and Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The protest and march were inspired by Fox News’ Glenn Beck, but are not affiliated with Beck.

Several organizations have united to help coordinate the events in Washington, but the effort is coming from the grass roots.

“Our mission is to present a unified voice of concern over the current administration’s policies regarding taxation, our economy, foreign and domestic policy, as well as our individual constitutional rights as American citizens,” said Grassfire national coordinator Darla Dowald in an open invitation for citizens to participate in the event. She added: “America is in trouble, the problems and issues are broad and complex and it will take a monu

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