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Pastor Stan Craig began Sovereignty  Rally with invocation. ~ Photo Courtesy of Stan CraigThe South Carolina Chapter of The Patriotic Resistance  directed by Harry Kibler held a Rally for Sovereignty at the Statehouse in Columbia, Saturday, May 2, 2009. The rally attendance was estimated at several hundred.

The Invocation was led by Pastor Stan Craig of Choice Hills Baptist Church in Greenville. Speakers included Sen. Larry Grooms, Sen. Shane Martin, Sen. Lee Bright, Rep. Michael Pitts, Dr. Christina Jeffery, candidate for Congress in the Fourth District; Christopher Sullivan, former Commander in Chief, Sons of Confederate Veterans; Dean Allen, Constitutional scholar; Roan Garcia-Quintana, Executive Director, Americans Have Had Enough; Jim Brossard, American Patriot; and Harry Kibler, State Director, The Patriotic Resistance.

Director Kibler read a quote from Sen. Bradley Hutto, explaining why he had voted against the Sovereignty Resolution in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“The Constitution is a paramount document governing this country and we all support it. We do not need a reminder. It is a waste of time to debate something we all agree on when we have so many pressing problems that need our attention.”

Roan Garcia-Quintana with Pastor Stan Craig of Choice Hills Baptist Church. ~ Photo Courtesy of Stan CraigSen. Hutto was joined by Senators Floyd Nicholson, John Scott, Joel Lourie, Kent Williams, and Gerald Malloy in voting against the resolution.

Mr. Kibler stated: “I have explained to many people that Freedom is not free. It can be paid for by your time, money or the blood of Patriots. I have also stated that when people lose hope, they become desperate and desperate people do despicable things; things such as Timothy McVeigh and Eric Rudolph did.”

A petition was read that will go to the state government that read in part:

“We the People of South Carolina do hereby petition the Governor and the Legislature of the State of South Carolina for protection of our Constitutional rights under the First, Second and Fourth Amendments to the US Constitution. We further request that a Sovereignty Resolution be issued, before the upcoming recess, in the strongest language possible, to the US Congress and President of the United States of America by the Legislature of the State of South Carolina to ensure further insult of these liberties does not occur.”


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