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Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 06:32 PM


First Published in 1994


If Nikki Haley Can Deliver State To Jeb Bush, She Could be His Vice President

South Carolina has been chosen as the battleground for the Republican establishment’s last ditch effort to stop and if necessary destroy the campaign of Donald Trump.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, the designated  “Darling” of the Republican Party, was chosen to respond to the Obama State of the Union Message and to serve as the “point person” to stop the advancement of the Donald Trump campaign in the Palmetto State.

When Donald Trump, who is leading all other candidates in South Carolina, proposed temporarily barring Muslims from entry into the United States until the government can assure the people that they are not terrorists, Governor Haley publicly announced her opposition to Trump’s candidacy.

Haley announced that Trump (like the Confederate battle flag) would be “wrong” for the country.

After Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire Republican Primary comes the South Carolina “First in the South” primary.

The significance of the South Carolina “Republican Primary” is that it is not a true Republican event. Any registered voter of any party or no party can vote in it. It is therefore considered to be a reliable predictor of the voter attitudes in the nation.  That is why the RNC and the Bush campaign are determined to do whatever is necessary to tear down Trump as the current poll leader in South Carolina and build Bush up from the single digits.

Since rank and file conservative voters who are the base of the Republican Party are fed-up with the “establishment” party leadership, The establishment candidates such as Bush must rely on Democrat crossover votes to boost their chances of winning.

This crossover vote game has worked well for Senator Lindsey Graham when challenged by more Conservative candidates in Republican Primaries. Donald Trump presents a unique problem that creates uncertainty and makes the RNC and establishment Republicans very nervous.

Polls indicate that Trump will likely take up to 25 percent of Black and Hispanic votes.

Donald Trump and Sen. Cruz will divide the thousands of South Carolina Conservatives that are furious with the party leadership at all levels and will not support any candidate they believe is supported by the party hacks.

Voters who were part of the massive TEA Party movement and Libertarians have been insulted and rejected by the party leadership. Trump and Cruz have most of their votes.

The Jack Kemp foundation held a forum in Columbia last Saturday attended by several of the “single digit” candidates. Their discussions were carried on C-SPAN and appeared to be designed to change the dialogue from the topics introduced by Trump to less controversial topics such as welfare reform and outreach to minorities and immigrants.

While Governor Haley has gained favor with the RNC and leftist organizations with her negative comments regarding Southern Heritage, that does not necessarily translate into power to influence votes in South Carolina.

The only thing for certain is that the Republican Primary campaign will become increasingly bitter between now and February 20. Regardless of what people say, Bush is the party choice and the Bush political organization can be confrontational. For further information ask Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot and supporters of Pat Robertson.