Greenville County Council Will Be Told To Get Ready,It Is Coming. The Wednesday Briefing Is Open To The Public

The Times Examiner has been informing readers about the dangers of United Nations Agenda 21 that has been embraced and quietly implemented by presidents of both political parties. Agenda 21, when fully implemented will eliminate private property ownership and control every aspect of human life according to the wishes of environmental wackos and other leftists.

Taxpayer advocate Butch Taylor kept elected officials informed on Agend 21 for almost two decades. Citizen activist Diane Hardy has taken a leading role in exposing AFFH to public officials and their constituents.

President Obama is using his final years in office to implement a program called HUD/AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing) Regulation.

Stanley Kurtz describes AFFH as “back-door annexation, a way of turning America’s suburbs into tributaries of nearby cities.” It has also been described as Obama’s method of spreading the wealth by “robbing the suburbs to pay for the cities.”

The original scheme was to annex suburbs into the cities. That did not work because citizens quickly discovered that they were being ripped off.

Using the Alinsky methods learned in his youth as a community organizer, involving bribing politicians and deceiving citizen victims, Obama adopted a slower and more devious system for accomplishing the same goals. The current scheme has three elements.

Inhibit suburban growth by establishing growth boundaries and neglecting highway building and repair in favor of public transportation. Also encourage suburban remigration into the cities.

2. Force the urban poor to move to the suburbs through the imposition of low income housing in high income neighborhoods, through imposition of low-income housing quotas.

Institute “regional tax-base sharing,” where a state forces upper-middle class suburbs to transfer tax revenue to nearby cities and less-well-off inner-ring suburbs .

The Federal bureaucrats are using the “carrot and stick” method of making sure the scheme is implemented completely. Lucrative HUD grants bribe the politicians and once the money is accepted the local government must implement the program or face lawsuits and expensive legal costs.

The presentation by John Anthony an authority on HUD/AFFH will be held in the COW Conference Room at Greenville County Square at 1 pm on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.