John Anthony gives three common delusions Public Officials believe to fool themselves into thinking HUD grants are still OK

JohnAnthony-1The Obama Administration is using greedy and gullible government officials to gain control of private property and dictate where citizens live and who their neighbors will be.

“Sustainable Development and regionalism are steamrolling communities across America,” John Anthony told a small group of citizens and county officials in Greenville, South Carolina recently. “They strip away property rights, diminish local rule and infringe on our ability to own land free and clear.”

The turnout of elected officials was disappointing to Diane Hardy, who had arranged the briefing for County officials and attorneys over the reported “reluctance” of Council Chairman Dr. Bob Taylor who did not attend the briefing.

The speaker urged caution in accepting HUD’s new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) grants. He explained that  new rules “turns grant money into a legal liability that pits community members against one another and decimates local authority.”

Anthony explained that many jurisdictions are so accustomed to accepting grant money, even when faced with the loss of local control over zoning and land use, their officials try to rationalize why they will not be affected.

He explained that there are  common delusions public officials use to fool themselves into thinking HUD grants are still OK.

However, the rules have changed dramatically and compliance with strict adherence to the latest interpretation of the Civil Rights Act is demanded and legally enforced.

In past years, HUD grant demands were less of an issue. There was less rigid enforcement of the Civil Rights Act, and communities had greater leeway to honor local concerns. Under AFFH, there are three key changes.

One: HUD now has a legal enforcement mechanism they seldom used before.

Two: The HUD Secretary warned recipient communities  that the agency will strictly enforce requirements.

Three: HUD continues to expand their role into entire community social areas and “adult outcomes” that are well beyond affordable housing.

“To apply for HUD grants today, believing it will be business as usual, could be a catastrophic mistake,” Anthony emphasized. “HUD engaged in more legal actions in 2011 than in the entire preceding decade. And they are accelerating.”

The federal agencies are using grants to force implementation of Agenda 21 that is designed to have government agencies and favored NGOs (non government organizations) control every aspect of of human life.

A main goal of AFFH is to force the move of affluent residents from the gated communities in the suburbs into the city and low income residents from the inner-city to the affluent suburbs.

The new law is so strict and far reaching that if the city of Greenville accepts Grant money, it could impact residents of the entire county.

Anthony presented information on cities and communities that have already been impacted and when they resisted, were face with unexpected legal costs until they fully complied with government demands.