“Marxism by Evolution Rather than Revolution”

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton described herself as a “progressive.” About that time a member of Greenville County Council used the descriptive term. The terms “liberal” and “leftist” and “socialist” have become unpopular with liberals, leftists and socialists. They prefer the term “progressive.” It sounds good to the rank and file American. It implies the individual has a positive outlook and favors progress.

Mrs. Clinton knew what she was saying. She was being honest. Many of her listeners did not know what she was saying because the history of “progressivism” is rarely if ever mentioned in textbooks today. It is one of the evils that have been censored from most textbooks since John Dewey, a leading progressive, became the “Father of Modern Education.”

Progressivism has been described as “Marxism by evolution rather than revolution.” Progres-sives believe in “moving beyond the Constitution,” and that “man is perfectible.” They believe you must have big government in order to redistribute wealth.

Progressives advocate rule by man and not by law. A leading Progressive named Pound, when Dean of the Harvard Law School, changed the way court decisions are made from the Constitution to Case Law. They believe in using revisionist history to change society.

President Woodrow Wilson was a progressive, so was Franklin Roosevelt.

Walter Lippman, the father of modern advocacy journalism, was a Progressive.

Conflict of Visions by Thomas Sowell is recommended reading to learn more about the evils of Progressivism.

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