Provides Government Enforcement of Marxist Vision of Utopia That Deprives Individuals of Private Property Rights

Readers of this publication know that most Sustainable Development policy has not come directly from laws passed in Congress. Rather it has been invoked through international treaties, Executive Orders, grant offerings and behind-the-scene “comprehensive plans” in local communities. Henry Lamb of  Sovereignty International in a recent DeWeese Report states that “that’s about to change.”

Senator Christopher Dodd, who has decided not to seek reelection in Connecticut due to low poll scores and involvement in a number of questionable financial scandals has introduced his “Livable Communities Act” (S-1619).  This bill, according to Lamb, will establish two new bureaucracies: “The Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities” within the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the “Interagency Council on Sustainable Communities.”

According to Lamb, the Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities will be charged with administering two new grant programs. One program will pay for multi-regional comprehensive planning; the other will pay for the projects called for in the multi-regional plans. Nearly $4 billion is authorized to be appropriated. The Interagency Council on Sustainable Communities will see that Sustainable Development policies are implemented throughout the federal government. The Council will consist of cabinet secretaries or their designees. The Council will be authorized to hire a staff to “ensure interagency coordination of federal policy on sustainable development.”

Lamb reports that for years, various departments of the federal government have encouraged “Sustainable Development” with a variety of grants to local communities, states and NGO’s operated by environmentalists motivated by a desire for financial gain and political power over landowners and other citizens.

This bill, if enacted, “will set in bureaucratic concrete the concept and plan for sustainable development as set forth in the UN’s Agenda 21 soft law policy,” said Lamb.

The author of S-1619, Sen. Dodd, lists 20 “findings” that Lamb says may or may not be true, “but certainly does not provide an accurate picture.”

Dodd says that between 1980 and 2000, population growth in 99 urban centers consumed 16 million acres of rural land. “What he does not say is that all urban land in all the cities occupies only 60 million acres, or 2.6 percent of the 2.3 billion acres in this country.”

Lamb points out that land designated as “wilderness” occupies more than 107 million acres. “Wilderness is land on which no human activity – other than walking carefully – is allowed.

“Dodd’s bill, like all sustainable development propaganda, paints a warm and fuzzy picture of what ‘livable’ or ‘sustainable communities’ should be,” said Lamb. “The propaganda fails to point out that in order to achieve this Marxist utopia, government has to enforce the vision. This means that people must live where government says they must live; in homes that meet the government’s design criteria; and travel to work in vehicles approved by government.

“The end result of the comprehensive land use plan is to draw lines on a map, which deprives individuals of private property rights whose land is outside the urban boundary zones – commonly called ‘Smart Growth.’ The value of the land inside urban boundary zones skyrockets, as does the cost of living for all who reside there.

“Lamb concludes that: “Dodd’s bill goes a long way to transforming America into what looks a lot like regional soviets where unelected agency appointees draft a plan by which all must live, and then enforce the plan with the power of law. Such a place,” says Lamb, “cannot be described as ‘the land of the free.’ Nor can it be called ‘the home of the brave’ if voters allow this transformation to continue.

“This bill is not likely to move until other major issues confronting Congress are resolved,” Lamb concludes. “Rest assured, S-1619 will not go away. Get prepared now to persuade your representatives at the national, state and local level to reject S-1619, and all elements of the freedom-eroding concept of Sustainable Development.

“Sustainable Development is not a local or US concept. It is international policy based on the UN’s Agenda 21 and Climate Change. Proof of Climate Change is now in major dispute and massive policy based on it must be rejected,” advised Henry Lamb.

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