See reasons why below, and see...Pro-Lifer Leader Rebuke Cuomo, and Predict his run for President

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Pro-life leader Randall Terry, and dozens of pro-life activists are taking to the streets in multiple cities across New York State.

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Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue, explains how and why Andrew Cuomo is planning to run for President. What follows are stories of the Christ, Cuomo, and Satan Tour.

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Cuomo will run on:

  • Open immigration (sanctuary cities, amnesty, and no wall);
  • Single Payer health Care;
  • "Abortion Rights" (AKA Child-killing);
  • A leading Governor for Homosexual Marriage and "LGBT rights;"
  • Keeping the Supreme Court in Liberal Hands;
  • "Clean Energy" - he abolished fracking in New York State;
  • He will call himself a "New Progressive."
  • He defies the Catholic Church...he will run as "anti-religious right;"
  • He is part of a massive redistribution of wealth (Socialism) in New York State.

Cuomo will run - appealing to young voters, and fresh faces in politics such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - explains to them that he is a Chief Executive who has shown the nation what great "social justice governance" looks like. He will position himself as the man who has actually accomplished what Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Corrie Booker only talk about.

Cuomo will declare that he knows how to govern, and he can "prove it," with his record in New York.

"Mark my words, Andrew Cuomo is running for President. It is our duty to expose him for what he is - a baby killing, evil man, unfit for the Presidency." -- Randall Terry

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