Elizabeth Warren wants desperately to be our nation’s next president. To reach that goal, she knows that she must demonstrate her willingness to continue America’s suicidal foreign and domestic policies. One major step in making her willingness known is composing an article for Foreign Affairs, the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations. Accordingly, her "A Foreign Policy for All: Strengthening Democracy - at Home and Abroad” won publication by the CFR`s flagship journal in its January/February 2019 issue.

What she wrote, though it surely indicates her ideas about the presidency, isn`t as critically important as is the fact that it was published. The reality here is that the thinking of an aspiring politician in such an article is not the most important goal of the writer. Just getting her name before the movers and shakers at the CFR is what she sought.

A study of the career of Richard Nixon helps to understand what Warren has just done. After eight years as the nation’s vice president, Nixon lost his bid for the presidency in l960. Two years later, he suffered another political defeat in the race to become governor of California. Those two setbacks seemed to have ended the Nixon political career, something he himself led everyone to believe when he then told a packed press conference that he was leaving California and heading to New York to practice law. He tartly told the assembled reporters, “You won’t have Richard Nixon to kick around any longer.”

But in October l967, the man who had insisted he was through with politics authored an article for Foreign Affairs entitled "Asia After Vietnam," Nixon was letting political insiders (the Deep State crowd known then as the Eastern Establishment) know that he was available for political office and would carry out the establishments goals.

What Nixon stated in the article - reprinted and widely distributed in pamphlet form by Foreign Affairs - didn’t so much matter as long as some boundaries weren’t crossed. It amounted to a signal that he was available and would work to promote the CFR`s agenda. His article about Vietnam didn’t focus on the numerically heavy U.S. fatalities that grew to 16,592 in the single year of 1968, or the strict rules of engagement that impeded the efforts of the anti-communist forces, or the fact that the United Nations, through its SEATO subsidiary, was the U.S. military`s ultimate commander, as opposed to either the president or Congress. No boundaries were crossed by the ambitious Nixon.

Both John McCain and Barack Obama delightedly placed articles in Foreign Affairs with similar goals in mind during the early stages of the 2008 presidential contest.

Elizabeth Warren knows the value of having her name associated with today`s Deep State activists. And a look at what she wrote for Foreign Affairs confirms that having her thoughts appear in this CFR publication is the primary goal. Posing as a patriot in the midst of a mass of establishment-supporting stances, she wrote: "And the United States took on a series of seemingly endless wars, engaging in conflicts with mistaken or uncertain objectives and no obvious path to completion." While this correctly summarizes what has become obvious, she didn’t blame those in uniform, and she shed no light on who arranged for the misuse of American military might.

As sound as was her short summary about the misuse of the U.S. military, she never mentioned that President George W. Bush sent America`s forces into Iraq only after receiving authorization to do so from the United Nations. Nor did she note that the l7-year-old war in Afghanistan has long been fought under the command of NATO, a United Nations "Regional Arrangement" according to the UN Charter. The ambitious Massachusetts senator knows that raising legitimate questions about the United Nations is taboo if one is seeking approval from today’s Deep State leaders.

Throughout her lengthy article, Warren dutifully claimed that America’s “working people" are being victimized by wealthy capitalists. She never explained that ballooning government spending and the accompanying inflation have caused major harm to the middle class, or that recently - in no small part because of regulatory and tax relief- wages are up, unemployment has hit record lows, and the nation`s economy is booming. She pointed to a “widening” gap in educational excellence but failed to indict the federal stranglehold on education for today`s educational calamity. Her lamentation about "crippling student debt" wasn’t accompanied by information about the $450,000 she earned during a single year of teaching one course at Harvard University. And she emphatically accepted the bogus claims of "climate change" enthusiasts. While noting that it is “the job of the U.S. government to do what is necessary to protect Americans,” she failed to condemn the crimes of illegal immigrants and the consistent refusal of her Democrat colleagues to take real action to deal with the problems created by the millions of border crossers.

With her newly minted connection to the Council on Foreign Relations, Warren has advanced her prospects for nomination and more. Whether it will be enough for her to realize her goal remains to be seen. Others ~ female and male -- will surely make themselves available for similar introductions to the Deep State via the pages of Foreign Affairs.


John F. McManus is a contributing writer for The New American magazine. Used by Permission from The New American, March 18, 2019 issue.

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