Pete Buttigieg keeps attacking Vice President Mike Pence. Buttigieg claims he is tolerant, people should live and let live, and that he’s a Christian. In fact, Buttigieg says that Donald Trump doesn’t act like a Christian, so evangelicals are hypocrites to support him. Buttigieg insists he is a good church going tolerant type.

But his attacks on Pence suggest otherwise. In fact, they suggest Buttigieg is actually really intolerant and would be okay with using the government to persecute Christians.

Mike Pence has actually not mentioned Pete Buttigieg. Buttigieg keeps attacking Pence and using Pence as his foil, but the last public comment from Mike Pence regarding Buttigieg came in 2015 when Pence praised Buttigieg. At that time, Pence was asked about Buttigieg announcing he was gay and Pence said, “I hold Mayor Buttigieg in the highest personal regard. I see him as a dedicated public servant and a patriot.”

That’s it.

But Buttigieg has used Pence as his foil on the campaign trail. He has repeatedly mocked Pence’s Christian convictions on Biblical sexual ethics. He has called Pence a fanatic. He has ridiculed Pence’s devout faith as well.

Pence has never once said anything about Buttigieg being gay.

This all points to Buttigieg’s hypocrisy. He holds himself out as a more tolerant Christian than Pence, but reveals his deep intolerance of Pence as a faithful Christian. He uses Pence’s Christian orthodoxy to suggest Buttigieg’s Christianity is somehow better.

Really, what Buttigieg is doing is showing he is not as tolerant as he claims and he really is not interested in a live and let live approach. Buttigieg has already used his powers as a mayor to block efforts to open a pregnancy center in his city because it did not perform abortions. Likewise, Buttigieg has come out in favor of the government shutting down Christian businesses if they do not bow at the altar of gay marriage.

The progressive left may have found their candidate, but their candidate, like them, is deeply intolerant of actual Christianity and only brings up Christianity to suggest he is better than more faithful adherents. Buttigieg is just another in a long line of Democrats who are willing to punish Christians for living out their faith.

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Mike Scruggs