Candidates for Public Office will be Asked to Agree to Seven Commitments to Constituents

The Upcountry Coalition of Conservative Organizations has prepared a contract between elected officials and the voters of South Carolina. Candidates for public office will be asked to sign the contract and agree to keep the seven promises during their term of office.

The seven commitments contained in the contract include:

• Protect State Sovereignty

• Term Limits

• Reduce Taxing and Spending

• Parents’ Rights to Control the Education of Their Children.

• Transparency

• Control of Illegal Immigration

• Structural Reforms

The Contract with Voters was revealed at a News Conference Monday morning, May 17th at the Hilton in Greenville. Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom assisted Coalition Spokesman Don Rogers in the presentation.

The contract will be used as a tool to identify those lawmakers and other elected officials who have failed to keep their contract and can no longer be trusted to fight for the survival of the Republic.

Coalition leaders distributed an elected official scorecard that was prepared by the Club for Growth. Each lawmaker is given a letter grade and numerical score.

In the Greenville County Legislative Delegation, letter grades range from A to F and numerical scores range from 90 to 7.

The Coalition consists of more than a dozen organizations that became supportive of the Tea Party movement and intend to have a favorable impact on future elections. The member organizations of the Coalition include:


• Anderson Tea Party

• Americans for Prosperity

• Americans Have Had Enough

• Citizens Awareness Group of Pickens County

• Conservatives of the Up-State

• Furman, Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow (CABT)

• Greenville County Taxpayers Association (GCTA)

• Greenville Tea Party

• 912 Project Greenville

• Pickens Tea Party

• RINO Hunt

• RINO Hunt, Pickens County

• Seneca Tea Party


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