The diversity issues following Pete Buttigieg around the campaign trail aren’t going away. In a new Charleston Post & Courier poll broken down by ethnicity, Pete Buttigieg currently enjoys 0% support from the black community in South Carolina. Apparently, it takes more than a meetingwith Al Sharpton for Buttigieg to solve his severe lack of support among a key voting demographic in South Carolina – one that makes up 60% of the Democrat electorate in the Palmetto State.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s approval rating with the black community has risen since he first won in 2016. He will only continue to further welcome black support thanks to the passage of the First Step Act and with black unemployment reaching record lows in President Trump’s booming economy.

“Pete Buttigieg might be taking the ‘What, me worry?’ approach of Alfred E. Neuman towards his diversity issues for his presidential bid, but his poll numbers among the black community in South Carolina should be a cause for concern. Meanwhile, all it takes is a simple Google search to realize that President Trump is delivering results for the black community, and his support will only continue to grow as this economy continues to roar.” -RNC Spokesperson Joe Jackson

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Mike Scruggs