Go to azleg.gov and Click on S.1070

Butch-TaylorRobert G. “Butch” Taylor urged the Greenville County Legislative Delegation to pass a bill as soon as possible that is equivalent to the Arizona S. 1070 to deal with illegal aliens in South Carolina.

The cost of dealing with the illegal aliens is taking a toll on state funds and wearing on the patience of citizens who were born in this country or who have obtained citizenship legally.

Taylor, who operates a full service gas and automotive maintenance station on East North Street, relayed the story of people he knows who were victims of undocumented aliens, including his personal experience. He also provided the Delegation members and others present at their regular July Meeting of the Lawmakers with information regarding the impact of illegal aliens on the Greenville County School District.

In response to a Freedom of Information request for the number and location of non-English speaking students currently enrolled by the school district, Taylor was informed that 6,139 students attending Greenville County Schools are enrolled in English as a Second Language classes. All elementary, middle and high schools have some students studying English as a second language ranging from 4 at Tigerville Elementary to 256 at Monaview Elementary.

Dick-Jensen---1-columnA second speaker, Richard “Dick” Jensen urged members of the Delegation to go to azleg.gov and click on S. 1070 and read the Arizona bill for themselves. Tweak it if necessary and pass a similar bill early in the next legislative session.

Rep. Tommy Stringer of District 18 said he and another member of the House introduced such a bill earlier this year, but it did not move through the House for passage.

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