The South Carolina Black Conservative Movement Anti-Illegal Immigration Rally

With temperatures in the 90’s, the weather was not the only heat of the day.  As the crowd came together at the Statehouse in Columbia for the Anti-Illegal Immigration Rally organized by The Black Conservative Movement, the heat was placed on President Obama and the liberals in Congress and the State Legislature.  Rowena Booker, the Founder and President of The Black Conservative Movement, was the last speaker of the event.  Mrs. Booker said “We have stepped off the plantation and there are many black conservatives that are afraid to step off the plantation.”  She went on to say that they [those in the movement] know they will have a target placed on them by people that don’t know the truth, but a movement starts with one person speaking the truth.  She stated that the reason things have not changed in the last twenty to thirty years [in the black communities] is because many black conservatives have not dared to step off the plantation.

A passionate speech was given by Senator Larry Grooms the sponsor of Senate Bill 1446 which closely resembles the Arizona Illegal Immigration Bill.  In his speech, Senator Grooms stated that illegal immigration is a direct and serious threat to American liberty and freedom and that we stand with Arizona.  He went on to say, “The illegal’s are not here for individual liberty or freedom; they are here for economic prosperity.  They remain loyal to their homeland and their culture where the rule of law is weak and corruption is a way of life”.  He continued, “Those who desire amnesty want to expand government and the power to resist free markets and individual liberty.”  Grooms concluded with, “We need leaders with convictions to stand against the Chamber of Commerce and Judges that stand on failed ideologies of liberalism.”

There were many speeches given during the Rally by candidates, elected officials and ordinary citizens that are incensed by the lack of border security and an apparent policy of looking the other way while millions of illegal immigrants pour over our Southern borders.  One citizen that spoke was a black conservative; Charles Early of Charleston.  He said he is an American who happens to be black; I’m not an African-American, I don’t have anything to do with Africa.  He said his father shed blood during WWII and he served twenty-three years in the Air Force and he thinks that qualifies him to be an American.  He said he is a man that is not going to watch the mess that’s going on in America and not say anything about it.  He said that he went back to his home community after twenty years and none of his neighbors were there any longer.  They had all moved up and it wasn’t because of government help.  Mr. Early said he has never seen the condition of the American people like it is today.  He said one of Obama’s advisors’s stated that power comes from the end of a gun, but the liberal media covers that up.  But, the media says that Tea Party members are terrorists and dangerous.

Mr. Early continued to say that when he heard the Tea Party being called racists, it fired him up because he knew it was just a way of dividing conservatives and that he knows that at the core, the American people are decent people and when they know something is wrong they will stand up and stop it. He said that continued calls of racism will not fix anything, but doing what is right will bring change; and that’s not the change Obama wants.  Mr. Early closed by saying that he will take his money and throw it in the Cooper River before he allows Obama to redistribute it.

Several weeks ago, The New York Times headline read “Lindsey Graham, this Year’s Maverick.”  How much of a maverick does it take to go along with the tidal wave of liberal ideologies that are being advanced by the majority in Washington, DC, and right here is South Carolina?  Mrs. Booker and those black conservatives that are willing to “step off the plantation” are the real mavericks.  They will face many of their own race that will call them names and distance themselves because they have the courage to step out and speak up for the core values that have given all races the best opportunity of any Nation under God.

The Tea Party movement welcomes the Black Conservative Movement and will gladly work hand-in-hand for the cause of individual liberty and freedom. We truly admire Mrs. Booker’s courageous stand and those she represents.


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