Greenville GOP October Meeting

Today, October 7th, we have our 7 p.m. Business Meeting and 8 p.m. Speaker’s Meeting.

After our updates from our Treasurer, State Executive Committeeman, and the chairman’s report, Karen Iacovelli Forster will be sharing about a special Greenville showing of a great pro-life. Representative Bill Chumley will be giving an update on an interesting piece of legislation that we hope will pass the General Assembly.

We have a very special treat to start our 8PM Speaker’s Meeting. Students from Hidden Treasure Christian Academy will be performing the National Anthem!

Weston Wamp will be coming from Tennessee and presenting a bi-partisan push to protect our elections. Our featured speaker is Mr. Glenn McCall. Glen not only serves as our National Committeeman to the RNC, but the co-chairman of the Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 RNC National Convention in Charlotte. Many of you have been asking for information about the 2020 Convention. Mr. McCall’s duties are planning every aspect of the convention.

As we gear up for our 2020 presidential election, we need to remember we have an important election this November. We’ve invited both of our Greenville City Council nominees to come share their need for volunteers. The Democrats have been working tirelessly for their nominees, and we don’t want to let John DeWorken or Councilman George Fletcher down.

This is an exciting, but very busy time for the Greenville County Republican Party. We are making a difference, and that all goes back to our members!

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