WASHINGTON -- A new petition at WhiteHouse.gov would call on President Trump to urge Congress to take up a Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 

According to the website program first launched by President Obama, any petition that amasses 100,000 signatures in its first 30 days will receive a response from the Administration. This parental rights petition, which launched on October 24, is up to about 21,000 names at press time. 

"No one knows a child's interests better than her parents," the petition begins. "Yet children's lives are turned upside down by investigators who second-guess reasonable decisions in education, medical care, and supervision." 

The short offering then lists poverty, minority status, and disabilities as reasons many parents face discrimination and unfair treatment. 

"It's time to protect children by empowering parents," the missive then asserts.

"A president has no formal role in amending the Constitution," says ParentalRights.org Executive Director Michael Ramey, who launched the petition. "But we recognize that everything the president does draws attention, whether he's 'tweeting,' signing a peace treaty, or playing a round of golf. And the current crisis in family rights deserves a little slice of that attention. Children's lives are at stake."

Citizens can review and sign the petition at petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/ask-congress-amend-constitution-include-right-parents-raise-nurture-and-educate-their-children, or through the website of ParentalRights.org.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) has introduced a Parental Rights Amendment in the current Congress as H.J.Res. 36. The measure has 18 cosponsors.

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