WASHINGTON -- Group is deeply troubled that products made in America are being used on peaceful demonstrators in Hong Kong and condemns the sale of tear gas to the Hong Kong government and police department.

The material brought back from Hong Kong is made in Homer City, Pennsylvania by Nonlethal Technologies Inc. (Above is a picture of one of the canisters.)

The delegation was embedded on the streets of Hong Kong for five days with the protesters and were tear gassed many times as well as being shot at with plastic bullets, water cannoned and threatened with arrest.

The group will be working with members of Congress who introduced the "The Protect Hong Kong Act," which was sponsored by James McGovern, Democrat of Massachusetts, Christopher Smith, Republican of New Jersey, and Ro Khanna, Democrat of California.

Here is a link to an article about the legislation:

Dr. William Devlin, CEO of REDEEM, and part of the clergy delegation states;

"As someone who was tear-gassed multiple times last week in Hong Kong I agree with United States Congressman Jim McGovern who introduced 'The Protect Hong Kong Act' on September 9, 2019. It states in part, 'to prohibit commercial exports of certain nonlethal items and defense articles' to the Hong Kong police.

"Rev. Mahoney and I, while in Hong Kong, were told that the Hong Kong Police were using a very toxic Chinese made brand of tear gas on peaceful protesters. We call upon the Hong Kong government to cease and desist the use of potential toxic chemicals and for US companies, like Nonlethal Technologies Inc in Pennsylvania, to cease shipments of their products to Hong Kong."

Rev. Patrick, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition and lead organizer of the delegation adds;

"While praying on the streets of Hong Kong, I was tear-gassed so badly my eyes were burning and I could not see for several minutes. As we toured the Chinese University of Hong Kong, we saw dead birds on the campus from tear gas and innocent Hong Kong citizens eating at outdoor restaurants brutally attacked with tear gas and becoming violently ill.

"Imagine my shock, when I found out the canisters and much of the tear gas was manufactured in America. We first call upon the government and police department of Hong Kong to stop using such brutal tactics on peaceful protesters and citizens.  We also join with members of Congress to stop the Untied States from selling these barbaric products to Hong Kong and banning our participation in violent attacks against peaceful citizens.

SOURCE Christian Defense Coalition

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