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Judiciary Committee begin impeachment hearings. The proceedings are probably going to be a lot like the House Intel Committee hearings. Democrats will claim each testimony given is a “pretty clear” indication that the articles of impeachment are necessary even if the witnesses only have secondhand knowledge of the claims they make.

Interestingly “… public support for the inquiry is at best stagnant and probably declining.” Democrats should take this information and get back to work. The impeachment hearings are sure to overshadow the completion of the appropriations process. Just last week Washington escaped a government shutdown by extending funding until December 20th. From now until then, Democratic Leadership should be working with the Senate to negotiate the remaining appropriations bills to fund the government through the fiscal year. Only time will tell if the Democrats put aside their political goal to impeach the President and get back to real legislative work.

Unlike House Democrats, we can be thankful that the Trump Administration has been hard at work. President Trump has deregulated and implemented conservative policy throughout his presidential term. A few major highlights include:

Eagle Forum is grateful for the work President Trump has done on behalf of Americans. We can only hope Democrats will learn to do the same.

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