Jim-DeMint---Tommys“God has blessed us with being born in the greatest country in the history of the world, the most prosperous, the strongest, the most compassionate country that has ever been,” Sen. Jim DeMint told those assembled at Tommy’s Ham House, Aug. 25. “We have nothing to apologize for as Americans. We have done more good on this earth than any combination of countries that you can put together.”

DeMint went on to say that “America is great, good and prosperous, not because of our geography, not because our people are better than anyone else in the world, because our people came from all over the world. We are different here in this country because of the set of principles we have employed like no other country ever has. I call them the principles of freedom.”

DeMint said that “on one side you have a Constitutional-limited government and on the other you have a free people with individual responsibility and free markets and competition and Judeo-Christian values.”

DeMint said it is “really a shame” what is happening in Washington today. He does not believe that President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and a lot of the people running our country, including some Republicans, understand the essence of America’s exceptionalism.

“I have never seen a time when people were more informed, engaged and determined to take back their country,” DeMint said. People tell him: “Thanks for fighting. I’m praying for you. What can I do?”

DeMint warned: “If America can trust us again with the majority and we don’t do what we say this time, they are dead and the Republican Party is dead.”

For more information on Sen. DeMint’s efforts to elect conservative senators, visit the web site www.senateconservatives.com


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