Eagle Forum, the conservative grassroots organization founded by Phyllis Schlafly in 1972, commends President Trump for taking action to protect Americans and preserve American jobs through his proclamation to extend the suspension of foreign workers. 

“Eagle Forum has joined with other conservative leaders to encourage state and federal officials to expand President Trump’s actions on halting visas,” said Eagle Forum President Colleen Holcomb. “This is another example of President Trump fulfilling his promise to defend the forgotten men and women whose jobs were lost or wages driven down by unsound immigration policy.” 

After states enacted strict quarantine orders, many businesses were forced to close. As a result, many Americans were left without jobs. The President responded by taking executive action in May to suspend chain migration, the visa diversity lottery, and some green card processes for 60 days to ensure that unemployed Americans could find work. This proclamation was a step in the right direction but needed to be built upon. 

On Tuesday, President Trump issued another proclamation that not only expands the original action until December 31st but includes the suspension of additional worker-visa categories. It also announces upcoming reforms that will prioritize a merit-based system rather than a lottery.

 “President Trump’s proclamation preserves American jobs during this crisis and well into the future,” said Holcomb. “This is exactly the kind of action needed to keep our nation thriving, which creates an opportunity for all.”

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