RINO Hunt 2021

Please plan to join RINO Hunt as they kick off 2021 with their first meeting of the year.

"For those of us who attend the County Delegation meetings, its become clear that most of our lawmakers do not want to hear from us.

Whether its limiting the capacity of the meetings or refusing to meet with us face-to-face afterwards, they've pulled out all the stops to keep us from confronting them.

Instead of trying to meet them on THEIR turf, its time to bring them onto OUR turf.

That's why I have invited many of our state legislators to attend this month's meeting.

Not for them to tell us what they can (and can't) do.

But for them to listen to us about what we demand they do.

  • Restore our gun rights.
  • Fix our roads.
  • End corruption.

This evening, Monday, January 25, you can tell the politicians your agenda.

You don't want to miss it.

Go HERE to let them know you are coming.

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