It is a fact beyond honest dispute that “Big Tech” is nearly, if not completely, synonymous with liberal. Big Tech has held both the internet and the web in a stranglehold for more than a decade and it is becoming increasingly worse over time. It has now grown increasingly blatant and politically-motivated, particularly against conservatives.

Most notably, Big Tech companies colluded in January 2021 to silence President Donald Trump, his campaign, and some of his high-profile supporters. Many Big Tech companies also worked to destroy the pro-free speech social media site Parler, which was becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to Facebook.

Among countless other examples, social media platforms censored the attorney defending a 17-year-old prosecuted for exercising his Second Amendment rights, any coronavirus information contradicting the corrupt globalist WHO’s narratives, and a New York Post article revealing significant corruption by the Biden family.

It's obvious that liberals have used Big Tech as a tool to push the world closer and closer to their vision for it. A world where leftism is the only view, all others having been demolished.

As Big Tech continues to evolve technologically, there is the danger that this trend toward liberal totalitarianism will continue. However, we have some tools available to put an end to the Big Tech censorship on the internet.

We first urge you to follow the link below to contact Congress and the president to put an end to this madness by repealing or amending Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and rejecting any “free” trade agreement that enables Big Tech censorship.

Then please follow some of our new alternative social media sites where you can view all of our uncensored content. The links for all of our new alternative sites are located below with a clickable link that will take you right to our page.

Another effective way to combat censorship is by going straight to our websites. Don’t depend on your social media feed or any aspect of social media for staying atop of critical issues. Save and favorite The John Birch Society and The New American. Subscribe to receive our email updates.

As the web and Big Tech continue to grow, we must get back to freely discussing and debating ideas without silencing dissenting opinions. Let’s work together to end this Big Tech censorship and get back to a digital public space where all ideas can be debated about honestly.

End Big Tech Censorship on the Internet!

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