On February 25, 2021, the House voted to pass H.R. 5, the Equality Act, which is an unconstitutional bill that would severely limit religious freedom in favor of the radical LGBTQ agenda.

The bill is now moving to the Senate, where Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has already bypassed the committee process and moved the bill straight to the floor.

If passed, H.R. 5 would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the lists of protected categories in existing federal anti-discrimination laws, which themselves are unconstitutional violations of the 10th Amendment. This would affect business owners with religious convictions and any organization that receives any type of federal financial assistance.

Since the bill is vaguely worded, it could also include churches as “public accommodations,” thus requiring them to violate their religious beliefs in the name of LGBT equality.

Furthermore, H.R. 5 could effectively criminalize certain forms of speech, specifically those promoting the traditional views on sexuality, and would promote the “trans” agenda by removing legal distinctions between men and women.

What’s worse is that while many pro-LGBT bills offer provisions intended to protect religious freedom, H.R. 5 does not include any such provision. In fact, it prohibits the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 from providing a claim, defense, or basis for challenging its protections to homosexuals and gender-confused individuals.

Here’s how The New American‘s Alex Newman described this legislation in his March 26 story, “‘Equality Act’ Seeks Federal Persecution of Christians,” on thenewamerican.com:

"Democrats in Congress are pushing ‘equality’ legislation that critics say would criminalize Christianity, Islam, and Judaism by forcing virtually every institution in society to hire, serve, and promote homosexuals and individuals confused about their gender. In the end, the Equality Act is unconstitutional on its face. The federal government has no power to force anyone to bow down to its radical anti-Christian ideology. And in fact, multiple provisions of the Constitution, including the First Amendment and the 10th Amendment, specifically prohibit the sort of lunacy envisioned in this legislation. Americans who value liberty and Christian civilization must recognize that everything they cherish is on the line. It is time to speak out, or be crushed by the oncoming freight train."

We urge you to take action by contacting your senators and representatives to stop the Anti-Religious Freedom “Equality Act”. Inform them of ways this bill violates the Constitution, decimates religious freedom, and promotes a radical Marxist agenda.


Stop the Anti-Religious Freedom “Equality Act”

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